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Dec 20, 2012 4:00am PST
popular cars in america got bad grades in a new crash tests and as edward lawrence reports this morning family cars earn higher marks in crash safety than most luxury sedans in the study. >> reporter: megan lynch's job keeps her on the road. she thought a 2012 prius would be a good investment. >> i was told i would get close to 50 miles a gallon, which would be great going back and forth. >> reporter: but she never thought the prius v would be among the worst performers in a crash test. the institute put 18 mid size family cars through the test, simulating what happens when only the front corner of a car hits another vehicle or object. the institute says one quarter of serious injuries is and deaths in frontal crashes occur in these overall impacts. the survival rate for the driver in the prius v was found to be severely compromised. the side air bag also deployed too late. the country's top-selling mid size car the toyota cam are also got a poor rating. the wheel was shoved into the well on impact. the honda accord and suzuki got good ratings. the institute says 13 of the mid s
Dec 19, 2012 5:00pm PST
actores kate del castillo, y edward james olmos y marco antonio solÍs. >>> ay! tony muchos sentimientos, muy encontrados, cuesta explicar porque hay momentos que se sentÍa uno feliz porque la familia estaba tan tranquila con mucha paz y los momentos tan duros no, por ejemplo cuando doÑa rosa que la hemos visto en todo esto, eh, tan fuerte con una fortaleza a kwlu ayudan ayudando a toda la familia, es el pilar de la familia, ver a ella besando el ataÚd eso honestamente a mÍ me tocÓ el corazÓn. otro momento tony fue cuando jenny estÁ cansado esta canciÓn justo en el mismo escenario donde nosotros realmente le estamos diciendo adiÓs, pero es una graduaciÓn celestial tambiÉn y se, y ella se va con unos honores muy grande. >>> se veÍa muy emocionada, olga taÑÓn de hecho me dijo no sabÍa sÍ iba a cantar porque era muy buenas amigas, cantÓ el tema, todo el mundo esperaba que iba a cantar "y basta ya" >>> no fue asÍ, joan sebastian escuchÉ que el tampoco no es que no querÍa cantar es un momento muy difÍcil, por ejemplo lupillo rivera en ese momento de la canciÓn que le ded
Dec 19, 2012 7:00pm EST
ralph edwards of "this is your life." david do you recollect have something or or just calling in to talk because you saw me on the air? >> caller: the idea that you work your full 12-hour shift is unbelievable. >> well, thanks for calling. the nice and the ice, it rhymes and everything? >> you know, i think having been able to do a little reporting late in the day, to tell you what i'm starting to hear is price terms. others reported you might see a deal. what i can tell you is that the ice exchange is very close to acquiring nyse for a deal worth rafael $33 a share. it would be two-thirds in stock, one third in cash is what i'm hearing. if you back into the math on that, you end up with a ratio somewhere around 1.7 for each ice share and add in 11 bucks in cash, you get to around $33 a share. that's what i'm hearing at this point, joe, for a deal that could be as soon as tomorrow morning from what we're hearing. unclear as whether the board has signed off on it as of yet. the deal value total and $8 billion. that includes debt. the nyse has been out there trying to sell itself. the
FOX News
Dec 20, 2012 6:00am PST
problem going forward. charles edwards with the brookings institution. >> someone like matt damon will make convincing actor, undoubtedly casting concerns about shale gas on the horizon. that will probably become a lot of people's perceptions that shale gas is not safe. >> reporter: now the industry acknowledges with any industrial production like shale gas there is environmental impact but that the risks to the environment, martha, can be minimalized if the practice is done responsibly and industry really says it is trying to do that. martha: well that is tough battle for them. what will they do about it, john? >> reporter: they have a low-key p.r. campaign, to say wait a minute, when you watch the movie it is telling one side of the story but they are prepared to ramp that up depending what the public response is. analysts say the industry can't come out and either dismiss the film orvillefy it. they really need to launch a comprehensive and thoughtful rebuttal if they want to try to keep people on their side to say natural gas is something we need going forward and according to them
Dec 20, 2012 6:00am EST
the opposite effect. nobel economist edward press scott of arizona has found that higher marginal tax rates are the reason europeans work one-third fewer hours than americans. when marginal rates are lower, prosperity flows to other sectors of society, allowing business to create jobs and new products, compete for workers to raise wages and i vest their profits, which can then be lent to other entrepreneurs. everyone gains in a free economy. as john f. kennedy put it, a rising tide lifts all boats. look at what free enpricent pris achieved? millions of new private-sector jobs were created and the stock market soared tripling in value over eight years. the lower tax rates and reduced regulatory burden produce add more robust economy and a more robust economy meant more revenue for government. similar resulted attended the tax rate reductions during the presidency of george w. bush. many policy-makers have forgotten these lessons. in 2008, america's score in the index of economic freedom has declined significantly -- i mean, since 2008, to the point where we are no longer considered a f
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5